Discover more about the artist
behind Ruediger Benedikt


Born in a small village in the south of Germany, Ruediger soon found a life beyond every Germans dream......owning a German car, a home and a pension plan. He soon felt his passion for art and design and his drive for creativity and producing luxury pieces of art has led him to create stunning serving pieces piece's for the table, as well as gold plated caviar fountains and Champaign coolers.


The culmination of this extraordinary artist’s vision and journey has created a of luxury cherished worldwide by the most discerning collectors of fine art for the home.


Ruediger Benedikt has been designing and creating beautiful objects of art for over two decades. It is no wonder that even the Saudi Royal Family became aware of his talent. Although we will see many more creations for the table, dinnerware, flatware, and crystal in cutting edge unique designs, his next big project will be the world's most luxurious rococo restaurant to indulge in Beluga Caviar in Dubai.

Needless to say, the interiors will be studded with gold, and as for the tableware, unique and exclusive gold plated sculptured Caviar presenters, Versace tableware, including gold plated cutlery. Ruediger Benedikt has ingratiated his universe to the most affluent and highly respected collectors of art for the table. His unique creations are being treasured by the most affluent clients around the globe.

He has gained his reputation by working very hard, by offering an impeccable service for high-end interior design and also creating the most stunning pieces to bring magic to any table.